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Pool screen enclosures

Ask people what one feature adds the most enjoyment and beauty to a backyard and you’re bound to find that many answers with “swimming pool”.  It’s really no surprise.  A pool is a perfect place to refresh yourself when the weather is warm, take in some healthy exercise, entertain family and friends or just float about.  And when you throw in some decorative lighting, elegant tile work, patio furniture, and carefully selected plants your pool can be the focus of your backyard.

One feature that many people considering getting for their patio is a pool screen enclosure.  Perhaps they didn’t get around to putting one in when they had the pool dug, or maybe they purchased a home that came without one.  Whatever the case, the folks at Tropical Enclosures believe that this addition does more than just beautify your patio area.  In fact, pool screen enclosures do more than just protect your pool – they can protect your family as well.

Pool Enclosures Benefits

A Barrier for Unwanted Items – Sure, you want to keep certain things in your pool such as rafts, floating candles, and chlorine floats.  But no one wants theirs to be a collection area for rats, broken branches, and rubbish tossed by the wind.  Pool Screen enclosures provide a way to block all of these things from getting anywhere near the water.

A Deterrent to Algae Growth – Ever seen an abandoned pool filled with thick green water?  That’s algae, and it’s not only unsightly but unsafe as well.  When you have a pool enclosure, however, algae growth can be slowed significantly.

A Way to Cut Back on Chemical Usage – Even though it may be a displeasing hassle to some, the use of chemicals to keep the water safe is a routine part of pool ownership.  Fortunately, when you install a pool screen enclosure you won’t have to add quite so many to the water.

A Screen for UV Rays – We all like getting a little sun, but too much can cause you to burn and become fatigued.  Solar radiation can likewise lead to skin cancer.  But with the addition of a pool enclosure, you’ll be decreasing the level of ultraviolet light that enters the patio area.

A Solution to High Electric Bills – Even in Florida the temperature drops low enough to make pool water chilly.  And while your northern friends and family may not mind taking a dip in it, you may wish to warm things up a bit.  But the cost of running a pool heater can get you pretty steamed.  Putting in a pool screen enclosure can help you slash costs by keeping the water at relatively moderate temperatures.

A Way to Save Water – No one likes to waste water, but when the weather heats up your pool level may actually lower a great deal due to the occurrence of evaporation.  Yet pool enclosures can cool things down enough for this process to slow significantly.

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