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Swimming pool plumbing repairWhen you choose a company to service your swimming pool, you want one that can be versatile regarding its abilities. It’s important to hire and deal with individuals skilled in masonry, electric, and mechanical work, along with pool plumbing.

While swimming pools are composed of several systems (electrical, and structural), it’s no surprise that the plumbing portion is by far the most extensive component. After all, we are talking about a reservoir capable of holding several thousand gallons of water. The average residential pool is made up of numerous drains, valves, seals, couplings, fittings and of course, a good amount of PVC galvanized and/or copper pipe.

At A Blue Pool, we realize how important it is to know the ins and outs of swimming pool plumbing repair because a problem with your plumbing system can lead to numerous issues. When pool water doesn’t stay where it should, other areas can be seriously affected. Pump motors may break, wiring can short out and your foundation could suffer significant damage. And a serious leak may cost you quite a bit in water bills to boot (not to mention the loss of a natural resource). Fortunately, our dedicated staff can get things under control when it comes to pool pipe and plumbing repair.

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Sure, you know what a pipe is. But those only make up some of your pool’s plumbing system. Chances are you’ve heard of most of the following terms but aren’t familiar with the definitions. If so, consider this a handy primer:

Valve – A valve is a device that controls the flow of something (water, in the case of a pool). This can be done manually, as with a handle, or through automatic means such as pressure or temperature. One place you will find a seal is below the pool’s pressure gauge. When worn from use, a valve may develop a leak.

Seal – As the name implies, a seal keeps things sealed. It is an item that does this by joining two pieces together in order to keep water in a certain area. Your pool’s pump unit contains a number of seals in various locations.  An example would be the seal plate that sits between the impeller and the motor and acts as a barrier so water does not seep into the motor. Because seals are often made of rubber, ceramic, or similar material, they will eventually degenerate over time.

Coupling – Also referred to as fittings, these come in numerous shapes and sizes and are used to join pipes and other equipment together. They may be used to extend connections or change the direction of water and are often threaded. Some PVC couplings, known as slips, have no threads and are joined with adhesives. In some cases, heavy normal use may reduce the hold of coupling, but improper installation may also lead to weakening and loss of integrity.

From brittle pipes to design imperfections, A Blue Pool can take care of any swimming pool plumbing repair needs you may have. Our technicians are on call 24 hours to handle swimming pool pipe repair issues and more, so contact us day or night!

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