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swimming pool motor repairWhile each piece of swimming pool equipment and hardware is important, there is one that all the others are dependent upon – the motor.  And if the motor isn’t doing it’s job, most of the other components can’t do theirs.  A swimming pool motor runs the pump, which in turn pulls water in through the skimmer and drain pipes.  The water is then cleaned as it passes through the filter and returns to the pool.  Given this fact, it is clear why correct swimming pool motor maintenance is a key aspect of pool ownership.

We at A Blue Pool have what it takes to provide you with the finest swimming pool motor repair service in all of North Florida.  From basic work to entire upgrades, our experienced technicians can pinpoint the problem and get your pool running right in no time!

Types of Swimming Pool Pump Motors

Single-Speed Pool Motors – As their name implies, single-speed pump motors run at only one speed (therefore constantly providing maximum horsepower when in operation).  These types of motors are best suited for general filtration needs (in other words, circulating a basic “no-frills” pool).

Variable-Speed Pool Motors – This category of pump motor is beneficial for a number of reasons.  Although more expensive than single-speed models, they are much less expensive to operate and pay for themselves quickly.  Variable-speed motors allow the user to alter their power output, which is helpful with water features such as spa jets and waterfalls.  They can also quicken the filtration process and promote more efficient skimming.  As an added bonus, they tend to be quieter than single-speed pump motors. 

Common Problems Related to Swimming Pool Motors

Pool motor is not operating at all – A non-functioning unit could be the result of a number of factors.  Has the breaker been tripped?  Is your pump timer set correctly?  If the power is in fact on, check the capacitor.  This is a battery-like device that essentially “jump starts” the motor and gets it going.

Pool motor shuts itself off – In the event that the pump motor can operate but happens to turn off by itself, you may be looking at an overheating situation.  This can be caused by a decrease in power due to heightened electric use in your area.  In this case it may be beneficial to run your motor at night when power usage levels decrease significantly.  Pump motors may overheat because of blocked vents, poor air movement or the fan breaking.

Pool motor makes a loud and unusual noise – This is a definite sign of a problem, but different sounds indicate different issues.  A rattling noise is indicative of either uneven contact with the underlying surface or the pump not getting enough water (a problem known as cavitation).  The first situation can be remedied by installing a rubber mat underneath the unit, while the second circumstance usually is caused by a clog or closed valve (or in some cases the fact that your pump is simply too big).  If the noise is more like a scream, the issue is most likely caused by worn bearings within the shaft.

At A Blue Pool we make swimming pool motor repair a snap.  Whether you need a minor repair or wish to replace your old unit, we handle top brand models such as Hayward, Sta-Rite and Pentair.  So contact us today for top-rate pool motor maintenance.

Notice to Pool Owners: Florida Statute 553.909(4) requires that all pool motors installed one HP or higher must be either a two-speed or variable-speed model.  More Information

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