Swimming Pool Marcite & Plaster Repair

We here at a Blue Pool offer a variety of the newest & latest swimming pool marcite finishes. From the most basic to our dyed aggregate marcite finishes, in addition to pebble and glass bead products, all of our marcite finishes are installed by our certified trained installers. So rest assured that we take great pride in our work and do everything to ensure that your backyard investment is in the best hands possible.

Tile out of date? Broken, chipped, or just tired looking? Or just want to add a nice splash of color or a new theme? We offer a wide selection of tile and mosaics, don’t see anything you like, let us work on a custom finish or design tailored to your own unique tastes. Our team of swimming pool resurfacing professionals can take care of any type of swimming pool plaster repair your pool may need.

Q: What’s the difference between a standard & upgraded finish?

A: A standard finished consists mainly of a simple exposed aggregate marcite mix; upgraded finish such as pebble tec or bead crete, have a much higher concentration of more exotic aggregates such as marble chips, polished glass, etc.

Q: How long does it take to remarcite my pool?

A: If you’re only remarciting the pool, depending on the condition and age, 4 to 7 days is the average length start to finish. Upgrading the tile will typically add 3 to 4 days.

Q: Is this the best time to fix or upgrade my lighting or pool equipment?

A: Absolutely! This is a perfect time to fix or upgrade your lighting and replace any outdated plumbing, or equipment. Add a chlorine generator or many of the new & exciting products for your backyard makeover.