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Swimming Pool Filter Maintenance That’s a Cut Above the Rest

swimming pool filter repairThere’s no doubt about it – pool filters are an important part of life.  Whether it’s an air filter in your car or a water filter on your faucet, this type of device helps remove pollutants and ensures the purity of one form or another.  And the filter in your pool is no different in its basic function and no less important.

Here’s a quick and easy question:  would you prefer to swim in a green, stagnant pond or a clear, flowing river?  Not a hard choice, is it?  But if your swimming pool filter isn’t working properly, you may as well be immersing yourself in the former.  And even though the color, smell, and feel of the water may not be unpleasant, you could be subjecting yourself to bacteria and other unsafe particles.

At A Blue Pool, we know the importance of proper swimming pool filter maintenance.  Our experienced technicians have the know-how to repair, replace and upgrade equipment depending on your specific needs.  From minor issues to major jobs, we’ve got you covered when it comes to sand, diatomaceous earth, or cartridge swimming pool filter repair.

How a Swimming Pool Filter Works

Pool filters rely on inflow hoses (normally situated in the middle of the poolside) and outflow hoses (placed closer to the surface).  This positioning of hoses allows effective circulation as well as maximum filtration.  Water near the middle and bottom of the pool is drawn in and passes through the filter itself, which traps debris before the water exits into the pool near the top.

Common Problems With Pool Filters

swimming pool filter maintenanceFilter does not seem to be making the water clean – If you suspect that your filter isn’t doing its job, there may be a number of reasons for this.  Not all of them, however, have to do with the filter itself.  While this problem could be caused by the filtration medium needing to be changed or the fact that the filter isn’t actually the right size, the pump, skimmer, sanitizer, and chemicals all may be to blame as well.

Filter needs frequent cleansing – Because modern pool filters are designed to last for a number of years no matter what the type, having to clean them out more often is a sign that the filtration medium (sand, diatomaceous earth, cartridge) is losing its effectiveness and is due for replacement.

Filtration medium is present in the pool water – While it’s not uncommon to find trace amounts of sand or diatomaceous earth after backwashing, large accumulations are a sign that something is wrong.  This could be an indication of a damaged filter lateral or standpipe, tear in the filter grid fabric, manifold crack, or loosened assembly bolt.

Filter pressure gauge is reading too high or too low – An off reading is a sign of a clog or blockage somewhere within the system.  If the pressure is low, this problem is located in an area before the filter (such as the pump basket or impeller), but if high pressure is the issue, check the filter itself as well as the return valve, return line, and pool heater.

At A Blue Pool, we consider your filter to be one of the most important pieces of equipment in your pool.  That’s why we take swimming pool filter maintenance seriously.  So turn to us for top-quality pool filter repairs today!

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