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Swimming Pool Pump RepairIn a very real sense, your pool pump is the heart of your pool. Just as a biological heart circulates life-giving blood through a body, your pool’s pump circulates water through the pool’s system. Driven by a motor, the pump draws water out of the pool itself and passes it through a filter where it is cleansed of dirt before being returned to the pool. It goes without saying that if your pool pump isn’t working properly, your pool water will likely be dirty to some degree. And this can make your water not only smell bad and look bad but cause it to be unhealthy as well.

We at A Blue Pool consider ourselves cardiologists of a sort when it comes to pool pump repair. Our trained technicians can efficiently diagnose your pump’s problem and get the flow going again. No matter what the issue, you’ll take comfort in the fact that we take pool pump maintenance seriously.

Parts of a Swimming Pool Pump

While the hardware may look complicated, the operation of a swimming pool pump is done in a rather simple manner. The parts related to this process are listed below:

Strainer Basket – When water is first pulled from the swimming pool it moves through a cylindrical or rectangular-shaped basket that traps large pieces of debris such as insects and leaves.

Diffuser – Water then enters the diffuser, a narrow tube that channels water from the strainer basket to the impeller.

Impeller – The impeller is a disc composed of a number of blades that sits on the end of the diffuser. Driven by the motor, its spinning motion draws water into the pump, through the filtration system, and back out into the pool. An impeller is housed in a cover known as a volute.

Seal Plate – Although connected and often referred to as a single unit, the pool pump and pool motor are two distinct pieces of machinery. The seal plate forms a barrier between the two devices so water does not leak into the motor.

Tank Body – The tank body is the housing that contains the pump components – the strainer basket, diffuser, and impeller. There are also ports where the inflow and outflow pipes connect to.

Swimming Pool Pump Problems

The pump is not moving water – If your pump is running but water is not being pulled into it, there may be a number of factors in play. Causes can include clogs in the filter basket or impeller, an unclean filter, or a leaky suction line entering from the pool.

The pump has developed a leak – If you observe water leaking from the pump tank body, this may also be caused by numerous issues. A faulty shaft seal, bad thread sealant, malformed threads, or damaged volute 0-ring could be the problem.

The pump is taking in air – The presence of a significant amount of air in the skimmer line can cause serious issues with the pump’s operation. A faulty pump lid, bad pump lid o-ring, worn thread sealant at the pipe/pump entry point, cracked valve stem, or damaged pipe may be responsible for this.

If you suspect you may be in need of pool pump maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact A Blue Pool today. With the right swimming pool pump repair work, we can have you back in the water in no time!

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