Summer Special

KMG Redesigned Interiors

Summer time is here.
It's time to get wet!

A Blue Pool has the best rates in town on all L.E.D pool and spa lights.

Call 904-253-3900 today to find out how we can make your backyard a summer destination.

Swimming Pool Repair

KMG Redesigned Interiors
Our team of pool repair experts will conduct a full inspection including pool pump, filter, valves, pluming connections, heaters, chemical balance. Our team will work efficiently to get your pool back in working order.

Swimming Pool Remodeling

KMG Redesigned Interiors
If you’re in the market for swimming pool remodeling or routine pool repair work, you can trust in our 20 years of experience as well as our 24-hour emergency assistance.

Pool Safety

KMG Redesigned Interiors

Need a Handrail, Safety Fence, or deep-end ladder?

Our team of professionals can help you ensure your pool is safe and ready to use.

Professional Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

See why Jacksonville swimming pool owners choose A Blue Pool for all of their swimming pool cleaning, swimming pool maintenance, and swimming pool repair needs.

Over the past 20 years A Blue Pool has built a reputation for providing the highest quality swimming pool cleaning, swimming pool repair, and swimming pool maintenance services to Jacksonville residence.

Sign up for one of our affordable monthly pool cleaning programs and rest assured that a team of the most experienced and knowledgeable swimming pool maintenance professionals in the Jacksonville area will keep your pool clean and safe.


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