Why Do You Need a Professional to Clean Your Swimming Pool?

Owning a swimming pool is a luxury that requires a high level of maintenance. A swimming pool is a huge asset that can greatly increase the value of your home. When you own a pool, you do not have to deal with public pools or the strangers that come with them. After a hard day of work, all that you have to do is to get into your swimming suit when you reach home and take a plunge. Alternatively, what if you want a luxurious party at home? A pool side party is a grand affair and you can call all your friends and colleagues to attend and let there be swimming galore. Your party starts in the evening and goes on till late at night. Everyone invited goes back satisfied having had a great time.

The next day you realize that it has been a while since the pool was last cleaned and this party has reminded you that it is time you did. Here is a checklist on what all needs to be done when you clean your swimming pool.

The first step in Swimming Pool Cleaning is to clean the walls of the pool using a pool vacuum and a manual brush. There are places in the pool wall where the pool vacuum will not work. You will have to use the manual brush to reach the areas that the pool vacuum is not able to reach. Remember that this is in additional to any automatic pool cleaning system installed. Automatic cleaners mostly work on the premise of getting water circulated in various regions of the pool and cleaning them. However, the areas like stairs and corners require special attention and this is why it is emphasized that the pool be cleaned on a regular basis.

A clean pool is also a result of the proper pH levels in the water and also depends on the filtration system. If there are algae in the pool, there is unnecessary pressure and wear and tear of the filtration system. Therefore regular cleaning is necessary to keep the water cleaner for a longer period of time and of course keeping people using the bed comfortable. The pool brushes come in different hand sizes. There are those with telescopic handles that help in cleaning the pool from the surface itself. All the algae on the walls and the floor of the pool can be removed in this manner.

Then there is other organic waste like leaves that might have made their way into the water or food material that might have fallen in. These are to be removed by chemical procedure. There are chemical procedures that can be adopted to prevent the buildup of algae in the pool and clear organic wastes.

Sanitizers have to be used for continuous disinfection of the water. There are many varieties of these sanitizers available which can be added to the pool via floaters, skimmers or the automatic chlorinator.

Clearing out the strainer baskets on a regular basis also helps keep the pool clean. Once in a while, you have to drain all the water from the pool and then proceed with the cleaning procedure.

The first step to Swimming Pool Cleaning when the pool is drained is to remove all the debris from the bottom of the pool. There might be any number of things at the bottom of the pool. There is a specialized leaf cleaning device that must be used for clearing the pool of all the leaves and other debris that might have accumulated over a period of time. After all the debris is removed, the floor and side of the pool need to be brushed clean. Brushing the walls requires a softer brush to clean fiberglass or vinyl pools. Plaster lined concrete pools require a harder brush. If you use the wrong brush, then you might end up scratching the tiles or destroying the grout.

It can easily be seen that first of all, the swimming pool maintenance is a task that needs to be done on a regular basis. Almost all of the above mentioned procedures should be done at least once a week, except when the pool is emptied, which is only normally required every now and then. Even to perform a task as simple as cleaning the algae from the pool will require a good investment of time. Also the maintenance of the right pH levels of the water and the disinfectants to be used in the most appropriate manner to avoid water from getting dirty are to be maintained. Finally, the removal and clearing of all organic wastes require chemical procedures that are only known to the experts. A lot of pool owners chose to use a professional for their Swimming Pool Cleaning. The advantage to using a professional is that they have the manpower and expertise to perform swimming pool maintenance quickly and effectively. Doing the research and hiring a reputable professional for your Swimming Pool Cleaning is well worth the investment.