Swimming Pool FAQ’s

How long should I run my pump/filter?

We recommend that you run your filter 8-12 hours in the warm months and 6-10 in the winter depending on filter type, pool flow rate, and chemical balance. In the hottest months, your pool should “turn over” a day. This means that the water should run through the filtration equipment at least twice a day.

Should I keep my automatic cleaner hooked up to the skimmer all the time?

A pool’s circulation system is meant to utilize both skimmer and main drain. When we utilize the skimmer for an automatic pool cleaner we eliminate the surface suction in most cases which allows debris to remain sitting on the top. The automatic pool cleaner should only be used as needed. Make sure that you have been trained on removing and reinstalling the automatic pool cleaner before attempting to do this on your own.

Why should I have my filter maintained?

All functioning parts of a pool require regular maintenance to work correctly. Ignoring this critical maintenance will end up costing you significant dollars in replacement fees. If a pool is properly maintained it will ultimately save the pool owner money and aid them in making the most of their pool both as an investment and a place for your family to enjoy.

Do you do repairs and equipment replacement?

A Blue Pool offers full repair and equipment replacement services on all types of pools.

Do you have a stain prevention program?

We do have a stain prevention program. Metals and minerals from water and outside factors like the weather and lawn chemicals all combine to leave stains in your pool. Our stain prevention program uses sequestering agents to pull these metals and minerals out of your water and keep the pool stain free. In some cases if the pool is already stained, we will need to do a stain removal treatment and/or acid wash.

Do you service pools with salt chlorine and generator systems?

We have extensive experience servicing salf chlorien and generator systems. We also provide salt chlorine pool repair services as well.

How will foul weather like rain and strong winds affect your maintenance schedule?

During periods of foul weather we are often forced to alter our normal maintenance procedures. We will not take the chance of clogging your plumbing or your equipment with unseen objects that may be at the bottom. As such, even if we can not do a full maintenance, we will always make sure that critical items that can do significant damage have been addressed. Once foul weather has ended, we will clean up any resulting mess in your water system.

Do you offer emergency service after hours?

We offer 24 hour emergency swimming pool repair in the Jacksonville Area. Call Now 904-444-2921.