Swimming Pool Safety

Need a Handrail, Safety Fence, or deep-end ladder?

  • Handrail advantages: Easier access to entry and exit of the pool.
  • Safety fence advantages: Protection of Children, Pets, as well as, the Elderly.
  • Line of sight break

Recreational Uses:

Volleyball and Basketball nets put in the deck.

Deck puddles and or drainage issues. Install new well points to relieve standing water issues. Helps to remove built-up deck algae stains. Makes deck finishes last longer, (concrete needs to be dry)


Handrail and deep-end ladder:

There’s no doubt that swimming pools are enjoyable for the entire family. Having a safe backyard oasis, especially in the Florida heat, can be a great way for the whole family to relax. But if you are like many pool owners, your pool might not be as safe as you think. Allowing us to do a simple safety evaluation is an effective and simple solution for most pools through the installation of a new handrail and/or deep-end ladder. A Blue Pool specializes in upgrades with our state-of-the-art pool safety systems. We can install handrails, as well as, deep-end ladders on most existing pools in as little as an hour. With our new installation system, there is little to no damage to existing decks or pools. With same-day installation, we can solve most of your pool safety concerns.


Safety Barrier:

The number one cause of death in Florida for children under six is drowning. [insert statistics link] In the blink of an eye a small child or beloved pet can fall directly into the pool. A fast and simple solution to prevent drownings is the installation of a Pool Safety Barrier. In as little as 2 days, A Blue Pool can help to protect your loved ones, as well as, pets. With our professional installation, little to no damage to existing pool decks or swimming pools. Our professional installation crews can come to your home and evaluate the best option(s) for your application. A Blue Pool is committed to ensuring the safety of its customers and loved ones. Let’s make swimming safe again!


Pool Electrical Safety:

Some of the top reasons for pool electrical accidents are

  • Risky behavior by swimmers or guests.
  • Malfunctioning or improperly installed pool lights are the most common electrical safety hazard.

As most of us learn when we’re young, water and electricity do not mix. Because water conducts electricity, an electrified pool can deliver a shock to anyone who touches the water or metal fixtures such as pool ladders. People can also receive an electrical shock when they come into contact with someone else who is being shocked. A Blue Pool has a licensed electrician on staff who specializes in swimming pool electric. Allowing us to perform a detailed electrical safety inspection can ensure the ongoing safety of your family and pets.


Upgrade your swimming pool light.

Upgrading your current pool light with A Blue Pool’s newest LED technology can help to ensure the safety of your swimming pool. Let our Licensed Pool electrician properly install or replace any of your existing equipment not only to ensure safety but to also save on operating costs. Our beautiful LED pool lights not only give you a wider array of color options but save you money and ensure the safety of your loved ones. We can also replace or upgrade pool controls to make them easier to operate, more cost-effective to run, and safer.


24 hour emergency swimming pool repair

Need an Emergency Swimming Pool Repair?

We offer 24-hour emergency pool repair services in the Jacksonville area. Call Now 904-253-3900